Who is my Ideal Client?

I am working on creating my idea client list, trying to narrow down what my my ideal client actually is. And you know that is a task in itself.

How does one pick who their ideal client is? Well the first thing I had to come up with is what I wanted to specialize in… and as you know I have decided that is… it is pets and children. Now where do I go from here?

Well I guess the next place is where do I service? That’s easy I live in Livermore, ME so I service any where near Auburn or Farmington areas.

Okay, so what’s next?

The family… so focusing on children and pets there are families behind them. I want a family that is easy going, with at least one child and a pet… whether it be a cat, dog, horse, or even a chicken. 😁

I love portraits that show the love between children and their best friends.

Well I guess there it is. My ideal client is someone who lives in the area of Livermore, Maine. Who is a family that is easy going, and has at least one child and one pet.

I have finally figured out what my ideal client is, and it is perfect! Over time I’m sure it will mold and change as I do.

Until next time! Talk to you later.

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